Residential Artificial Turf

Residential artificial grass is defined as a manufactured surface comprised of synthetic fibers that are made look just like natural grass looks. It has become the norm to use turf for a variety of sporting venues such as baseball, football, and soccer. However, many homeowners are replacing their natural grass lawns with residential artificial turf. It is used for commercial or industrial applications as well. Suffice it to say, artificial turf is not just for sporting venues anymore.

There are 5 primary advantages where fake grass is concerned that you should consider if you are considering replacing natural grass. It is better to have when the environment is hostile to natural grass, it can withstand more use and be used more often, it is ideal when lawn maintenance isn't practical, it is great for roof gardens and swimming pool surroundings, and it allows for fiber optic integration so that it can be lit up like a natural lawn

The key reason behind the use of turf lies in its durability and maintenance factors. Replacing your current lawn with artificial turf is great since it is very resistant to high foot traffic as is experienced with professional sports. However, residential artificial turf is also ideal for the same reason. Probably the biggest benefit to using residential artificial turf is the fact that you never have to mow and trim it. Additionally, it no irrigation is required so your monthly water bill is reduced.

The most overlooked virtue of artificial grass is the benefits to your water bill. Not that it benefits everyone, just that since there is a water drought in most of the United States it is a positive stance to take for the future artificial turf .

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